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This last month I have started a new craft called Bookfolding.  This is where you fold the pages in a book to form a word or a shape.  It is a very easy thing to do.  All you need is a book, pattern, large ruler in centimetres, pencil and a bone folder to crease your pages.  I have found so far in my patterns that you require a book at least 20cms  and 23cms in height, and an average of 400 pages upwards depending on the size of your pattern.  In bookfolding , 1 fold = 1 leaf.  So if you have a pattern where the number of folds required is 161, this means that you need a book with a minimum of 322 pages (1 fold is 2 pages).   I have acquired my patterns from Debbie Moore Designs in the form of cd’s as then you can print of the patterns as you require them. Her method is the count and measure.

  1. Always start with the spine of the book towards you.
  2. Start from the left hand side and place a mark, following the pattern measurement for mark 1.
  3. Then continuing from the left hand side place a mark, following the pattern measurement for mark 2.
  4. Line up your ruler to the first mark, butting the ruler up to the spine, ensuring the mark is on the left side of the ruler.
  5. Fold over the left side of the page up to the ruler edge.
  6. Line up your ruler to the second mark, butting the ruler up to the spine, ensuring the mark is on the right side of the ruler.  Then fold over the right side of the page up to the ruler edge.
  7. Continue marking the book, then fold over your pages.

Top tip: do a batch of marks at a time and then fold over so you can see the word starting to appear.

Here are some photos of books I have made using this method:

bookfolding creations (3)bookfolding creations5


The next method is by Sarah Hallam from Peerless Designs.  She works from the centre of the book out

The pattern is marked with green arrows to mark the top of the book and a pencil  line is shown to mark the centre of the pattern.  With her patterns you find the centre of the book, and you work to the right.  Fold pattern about a third under and place under first page with green arrows aligned with the top of the page.  Go to the centre line marked on your pattern and each line to the right is marked with a number 1, 2, 3 etc Mark the beginning and end of number one, place ruler to right of top of mark and fold page down to meet the edge of the ruler, then place ruler to right of bottom mark and fold page up from bottom to meet the edge of the ruler, crease with bone folder remove and turn to another page.  Line up arrows with the top of the page underneath the page you will be working on.  Look for number 2 and mark top and bottom of mark on pattern, place ruler as page one mark and fold page to meet the edge of the ruler. .  Continue in this manner until you have marked all pages and folded.  Each numbered line represents one page.  When you have marked and folded all the pages needed on the right side you will see your pattern emerging.

Now turn your book upside down and place the green arrows to the edge of the bottom of your book (this now becomes the top of your book.  You still work to the right as you did before marking and folding till you come to the end of your pattern.  This sounds rather complicated but when you look at your pattern the numbers on the right side are the correct way up but on the left side they are upside down.  This is so that when you are doing each side they are always the right way, working from the centre line out. The centre line being the centre of your book.

Here are some photos of the books I have made using this method

bookfolding creations (2)bookfolding creations10bookfolding creations24bookfolding creations11 (2)

I hope you will give this lovely craft a try as it is very rewarding and would make lovely and unusual gifts for Christmas or any special occasion.  Thank you for stopping by.  Love Theo.


Doodling on a winter’s day

Published March 16, 2013 by theodoodles

summer albums 001summer albums 004charms 002   As I am sitting here today writing this it is very miserable outside.  The snow is falling and it is quite dull and getting dark, although it is only 4.30pm.  I made this little album today to give myself a little touch of spring. It is a little vertical TP mini album and the papers are from Marianne designs Springtime collection.  The papers are quite beautiful with little birds in their nests and spring flowers, just the thing to brighten a dull snowy day.  While I was at it I made myself some charms for my albums and books.  These are from my stash from Fiona @ jennings 644. Etsy store, with some beads from my own stash thrown in.  Hope you like these and thank you for stopping by.

Nursery Rhyme Album

Published March 16, 2013 by theodoodles

summer albums 005summer albums 006summer albums 010summer albums 008summer albums 007summer albums 011summer albums 009summer albums 012

This is a little album I made for my neighbour’s little girl.  It was her sixth birthday.  The album is a mixture of Graphic 45 ABC Primer and some children’s nursery rhymes which I got from my computer as samples by Dover Publishing.  It is both a little Nursery Rhyme book and a photo album.  So as her Mother reads her the nursery rhymes she can look at photos at the same time.  I’m sure her mother will fill it up with photos from her birthday.  This little girl is very special, she has a very rare disease and is the only child in Northern Ireland who has it to reach the age of six.  All the neighbours and people in Northern Ireland have been raising money so that she can get the specialist treatment she needs in America and England.  She is a beautiful little girl and we are all rooting for her.  Rock  on Natasha!

The album is based on the Graphic 45 album by sassyscrapper and I just resized it to a 6×6 album.  Thank you for stopping by.

Gifts from Fiona

Published March 7, 2013 by theodoodles

my new altered art 006my new altered art 002my new altered art 003

These are a few projects I have been working on this week.  I received these mdf plaques as a gift when I placed an order with Fiona @ jennings644.Etsy store.  Fiona has the most beautiful stuff in her store and very reasonable priced as well.  She is also  as you can see a very generous lady.   The first little plaque I gessoed and painted with three coats of black acrylic paint I then went round the edge with docrafts Artiste Metallic White acrylic paint.  The border of little singing birds is from Marianne design Springtime paper collection.  The little fence is made from lollipop sticks and wire to hold them together, and the little sayings are a free download from Cuddly Buddly.  I had great fun making this little plaque and I think it will look nice hanging on the wall.

The next one is I think it is called a configuration box.  Mine is made up of papers that I have tried to connect with the charms that are in the box.  First is a victorian chocolate box cover, hence the victorian cameo.  The second large one is named journey and shows part of a chinese parasol, a square in either venice or russia and a clock named Kensington London.  On this I have put a charm of Big Ben, a taxi, and the Eiffel Tower to represent travel.  The third large one is a bird singing in a tree, and a bird in a cage.  The first small triangle is of an old fashioned sailling rig in the ocean, hence the ship’s wheel, the middle triangle is a script background with a camera and a pen to represent journalling on your travels.  The small triangle in the middle is a background of the Eiffel Tower and has a little charm picture of the Eiffel Tower.  The last little triangle is of a branch of  a tree with a little owl sitting on it.  The box is surrounded with chinese braid and a Wild Orchid Rose at the top.  The rest of the flowers are from my stash.

The last is a doorhanger, which I gessoed and painted pink. then I did two coats of the metallic paint which gave it a lovely shimmer.   I put some cream broaderie angliese and some  cream crochet lace as a background, then I matted a picture taken from Magic Moonlight Studio 58, (she does some beautiful vintage photos and she allows you to use them on your work, which is very generous) on to a piece of Kraft cardstock and distressed with vintage photo.  I then distressed the edges with my knife then did them with walnut stain.  The bottom roses I made myself and the other two are from WOC, the trims are from jennings 644.Etsy store and the small roses are from my own stash.  I really enjoyed making these and thank you again Fiona for your generous gift.  I still have another plaque which I am keeping till something nice I want to do comes up.  I hope you like these and thank you for stopping by

MCS Stationary Box

Published March 7, 2013 by theodoodles

My new Xmas projects8My new Xmas projects9

This is a little stationary box I made at Christmas.  I got the pattern from My Craft Studio and just used cardstock and papers I had in my stash.  The flowers on the lid are made by myself and the postcards etc in the inside were taken from free downloads of my computer.  The box holds envelopes, cards, writing paper, and the little pocket holds tags and postage stamps.  These are very handy to have in your craft room if you have to send a card or write a thank you note, everything is at your hand.  Hope you like this and thank you for stopping by.

Decorated fan

Published March 7, 2013 by theodoodles

my crafts 001

This is a little fan which my daughter gave me when she finished her flower arranging classes and she was clearing out her room so I decided to alter it.   I distressed it with vintage photo from Tim Holtz and added beige lace to the top.  I glued pearls to the front and alcohol-inked them.  The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts and the large red one at the front I made myself.  The leaves and feather were supplied by my daughter’s stash and the stick pin I made myself.  The tassel was also supplied by my daughter.  I think it is rather nice.  Hope you like it and thank you for stopping by.

Learning to crochet

Published March 7, 2013 by theodoodles

My Craft Projects 001My Craft Projects 002

This is a project I did when I was learning to crochet.  I went to Ruth Eatherly @ Bob Wilson crochet how tos.  She takes you through how to make a flower step by step including all the names of the stitches, so that it is very easy for you to do.   This is a project which I picked up on You Tube, but I’m afraid I can’t remember the name.  It is called a Spring Wreath, and it is made of two paper plates with the centre cut out. You tape the edges together and stuff the inside hollow with papers.  Y ou then take a ball of wool (I used 4 ply) and you wind it round the circle.  This took me about 1/2 hour I think. When you reach the beginning of the circle you tie your ends together in a knot and feed it in behind your wool.  The trim round the outside is one that I got from Fiona @jennings 644 Etsy store.  The flowers are all that Ruth taught me on her channel.

In the second wreath I made the cabbage roses that she taught me and added pearls to the centre  The scrolls are a Joy diecut and the skeleton leaves I had in my stash.  The bow in the first one is made from the trim, and the bow in the second one is made from wool that I bought to make those fancy accessory scarfs (I think it is called  Shalaman or something like that ).  The hangers are made from  heavy string.  Hope you like these and thank you for stopping by