January 26th 2013

Published January 26, 2013 by theodoodles

Hi. My name is Theo. I am 61 years old, and I am married to my husband Hugh. We celebrated our Ruby Anniversary in September 2012. I have two beautiful daughters( I’m biased), and two beautiful grandchildren (again I’m biased). My daughters are called Caroline and Julie and my grandchildren are Aimee who is fourteen and Holden who is eight. They are Julie’s children. We live in a small village outside Belfast called Ballygowan Northern Ireland (or as we say here Norn Ireland). I have been crafting most of my married life doing tapestries, embroidery, and knitting. It is only in the last ten years when I had to give up my work due to ill health that I have starting doing paper crafting. I started by making my own christmas cards etc. When I started my husband bought me all these wonderful craft things which I didn’t know how to use, so they have lain in my craft room gathering dust.
Last year I got my own laptop and was able to go on the internet, where I discovered Christina from CardmakingMagic.  Through her I learned all new amazing techniques for cards and other items that I used to see and wonder “How do they do that?”  Now through Christina’s tutorials I now know.  She also introduced me to Spellbinders which I was fortunate enough to be able to buy and now my cards have that ‘wow’ factor.  So if you are  ‘newbie’ go to her website card-making-magic.com she also has a blog called flowersribbonsandpearls.blogspot.com.  Through her I also found out about You Tube.

At You Tube I found Fiona (jennings644).  She is a truly marvelous and very generous lady.  I ordered some stash from her last week, (thanks to my daughters christmas box) and when it arrived I was totally flabbergasted by the amount of stuff was in the box, not only the materials I ordered but she had included various gifts as well.  Thank you Fiona, now I will be able to craft along with you.  On Fiona’s channel I learned how to make the most beautiful stick-pins, flowers, altered art.  She gives so much of herself in teaching other people.

Next I found Claire who is charliejones2686 on You Tube and her blog is mycreativespiritblogspot.com.   She showed me how to make the most beautiful albums which I made as christmas presents this year and they were very well received.

Next I found Lee at craftyloops.blogspot.com.  This young lady is from Northern Ireland and she makes handmade journals from start to finish.  She makes it so easy with step-by-step instructions.  I have made three for birthdays this year, two are A6 and one is A5.

I would just like to thank all these ladies  and many more on You Tube for sharing their time, expertise and knowledge with everyone so that newbies like myself can experience that satisfaction of making something beautiful out of bits and pieces.  Thank you all.


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