A Little Starbook

Published February 24, 2013 by theodoodles

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This is from a tutorial by RachO113.  I think in a previous post I put her down as Rac0113.  This little book is known as a star book because when it is finished it is the shape of a star.  To start with you need 3 sheets of card measuring 5cm x 9cm, 5cm x 81/2cm, and 5cm x 8cm, or in inches 2″ x 31/2 “, 2″ x 31/4″, and 2″ x 3”, you need 5 of each size.  Fold each sheet in half to form a little card but join them edge to edge of card rather than in the centre so that when you have all three together you have a gap in the middle between each layer.

I decorated my last piece of each trio before adherring to card to make it easier.  When you have all 5 sets completed you join them back to back except first side and last side as these form the cover for your book.

Before you start to stick together pick your first book and last book and adhere ribbon to inside of first cover before you stick together.    I stamped my inner page with a script stamp and distressed with vintage photo and walnut stain Tim Holtz inks.  I added small miniature photos of vintage children which I downloaded from Bumblebutton.blogspot.co.uk.  The little sayings I copied from Rach0113 and printed out on my computer, I then distressed them with vintage photo and walnut stain and adhered to pages.  I stuck flower gems and some miniature buttons to pages.  I added a lace trim to bottom and put small piece cream paper stamped with script stamp and distressed as inside pages to front cover.  I added some flatback pearls and two metal butterflies.  I also made a little box to fit book and adhered lace round the sides of the lid added a little miniature picture in centre of lid.  I also stamped the lid with script stamp before assembling, and finished with two little resin roses which I got free in a magazine.   Hope this is of interest to you and thank you for stopping by.


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