My Old Mirror Transformed

Published March 7, 2013 by theodoodles



This is a project I worked on at the weekend.  It was an old black plastic mirror I bought many years ago.  The flowers are from a bouquet my eldest daughter bought me for Mothers’ Day a few years ago.  They were in a beautiful tall black vase up until about three months ago when my dogs decided to beat each other to the front door and knocked it flying.   I decided I would make my mirror sort of shabby chic.  So I gessoed it with acrylic gesso, and gave it three coats of white acrylic paint.  I hot glued the flowers to the frame, but the Gerberas were kind of top heavy so I had to open up the frame from the back and wire them on to it, which has done the trick.  Now it hangs back in my hall in its original position but brightens up my entrance hall.  I am rather pleased how it turned out as this is the first time I have done any large pieces.  I hope you like it and thank you for stopping by.


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